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Lao Xin

Founder of KRC, CEO, Chief Expert

China's first to enter the field of airport consulting senior experts, expertise in strategic and corporate culture, performance management system, route network design and other research areas. Chinese civil aviation bureau, China before 40 airports and abroad hundreds of companies invited chief adviser. As the future of the terminal, the concept of the first person, he put forward the digital terminal opened the Chinese airport electric business development direction. In 10 years he has accumulated more than and 100 successful cases in the field of airport strategy, national route network design, terminal business and other fields, and has served as a visiting professor at more than and 20 universities and other universities in China. He has always been an insight into the initiative, has repeatedly been invited to the airport at home and abroad in the core of the core journals and airports to express the airport trends in the forward-looking view.

Lin Renshu

KRC Partner, Executive Director, General Manager of Shanghai Company

MBA of National University of Singapore, a former president of Moways Management Consulting Co. Ltd, Singapore,  COO & Senior Consultant of 3WIN  Co. Ltd, Taiwan,   Aurora global operations center market Asia Pacific director. 

 Specializing in the development of enterprise strategy, human resources, marketing planning, corporate culture and other fields. More than 10 years of management consulting experience, long-term service to large state-owned enterprises, expertise in the management of large regulatory consulting projects. As project director and project manager, Sichuan airport group, Jiangxi airport group, Hunan airport group, Heilongjiang Province tobacco companies, tobacco companies in Gansu Province, Jiangsu Province, Lanzhou city tobacco companies, tobacco companies, tobacco companies and other enterprises in Shaanxi Province, presided over the corporate culture, strategic planning and human resources management project. Served as project director or project manager for the Yuhang urban construction group, Sichuan, Jinshan Chengtou development group, Guangdong investment group, real estate, real estate, golden song leshion real estate group provides strategic planning, human resources and enterprise culture service. Once for a Taiwan lighting products enterprise, Taiwan famous fitness equipment enterprise, Taiwan optoelectronic technology enterprise, Taiwan famous Home Furnishing manufacturing enterprises in East China, leading fastener enterprises and the Southern China area of a commercial real estate company marketing planning and human resources system construction to provide advisory services.

Wu Xun

Vice General Manager, Chief Expert of Innovation Consulting

Good at business model design, strategic planning, human resource management and operations management. For many years, he has been responsible for the strategic and human resources management consulting for large state-owned enterprises such as Xinjiang airport, Shanxi airport and Chongqing airport. Also for the local Xiamen, such as vibration security, Han Sheng yacht, KIKA and other small and medium enterprises or venture projects to provide management consulting or business mentor services.

Shen Wei

KRC Partner, Chief advisor of strategy and human resources

More than 10 years of industry research, strategic consulting experience in strategic planning, business model innovation has a profound knowledge, is committed to the construction of business ecosystem and business model innovation program landing and implementation. Have a cross industry management consulting experience, especially familiar with large enterprise management, service more than 50 customers, including former Xiaoshan airport and Qingdao airport, more than a dozen airports, Yingzhong car, Hansheng yacht, hymake technology, Xi'an Beilin District and many other industries and government agencies to provide strategic planning consulting services, and for the success of many with the help of enterprises to achieve the transformation and upgrading of business model innovation. With a keen sense of the market and corporate strategic vision, has been published in the core journals of the industry, the international air cargo giant domestic layout analysis, the key points and other professional articles. .

Chen Yan

KRC Partner, President of Marketing

Focus on the work of civil aviation industry market in more than 10 years of expertise in marketing, brand planning, publicity and other work, has a deep understanding and unique grasp of the dynamics and trends of civil aviation industry, is committed to the work of Cary consulting marketing, brand promotion and international cooperation etc.. Once initiated and presided over the meeting a number of high-end industries, as the "sponsor Chinese airport human resources, and has been planning" Salon Hosted 6 Chinese airport human resources salon, received extensive support and praise airports. The organization has launched the first "Chinese airport business meeting", and initiated the "China chaired the airport terminal, the airport business survey data" "salary data investigation" industries such as large-scale research activities and the "Chongqing airport and Inchon Airport South Korea exchange standard" and other activities of the standard of the airport. Launched in 2014 and successfully planned the cross-strait airport first large-scale forum "service, terminal, new media cross-strait Airport Business Forum, the forum involving dozens of units on both sides of the three, including the areas of airports, airlines, colleges and advertising media representatives and academics, the scale is unprecedented.

Zhou Jie

KRC Partner, General Manager of Internet Division, Ecommerce Expert

New generation of electricity suppliers, Taobao University, senior lecturer, Xiamen University, President of the class instructor, expertise in traditional corporate Internet transformation, business planning and consulting training. As a well-known domestic enterprises have established e-commerce from zero, a year leading electricity supplier sector sales of billions of dollars. Create a single day Juhuasuan laundry liquid sales of 300 tons of sales records, beat Procter & Gamble, Unilever and other international giants. Lead the electricity supplier team Taobao three category first win. Training enterprises: China mobiles, DBN group, AIA group, old coffee plug.